Our Partners

We work with local small businesses as much as possible. Many of our products are made right here inNew York City or New York State. Find out a little about the people and companies we work with.


Jessy's Pastries

Jessy's makes our amazing Alfajores and Empanadas.  They are based in nearby Brooklyn and has partnered with us since before we even opened our doors.

Jessy also participates in a great cause by donating all their tips and a portion of their sales to the Down Syndrome Community.  Read more about Jessy and her great cause Jessy's Pastries

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At Délices & Co., we strive to create pastries in their purest form, honoring the hard work and dedication of those who have honed our craft. Within golden layers of crackling crusts, the heady aroma of gentle fermentation and medley of rich flavors, we recognize the art and passion of untold generations past. Beating a batter with just enough vigor, or folding dough just-so, all work to continue the expertise refined across cultures and artisan traditions. It is with respect we acknowledge that at times, a recipe’s greatness is equally what is added, and what is not—a synchronizing of classic authenticity and modern upgrades. At Délices & Co., we work to honor the history of pastry art and contribute our unique flavor to its ongoing evolution.

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Raw Chocolate Love

Raw Chocolate Love offers local, handmade raw chocolate products with your health and heart in mind. Founded in 2008 by nutritionist Shimon Pinhas, we create chocolate as it should be: pure, organic, and packed with antioxidants that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Produced in Ridgewood New York, Raw Chocolate Love can be found in your local health food stores throughout NYC & Long Island.

We choose the highest quality raw and organic ingredients to create healthy dark chocolate, full of superfoods, essential vitamins and minerals. Made with love, Raw Chocolate Love not only tastes good, but feels good too, providing countless health benefits and anti-aging effects.

Consisting of carefully chosen organic ingredients and created using low heat techniques, our products are free of preservatives, coloring and flavor extracts, and are offered in 13 all-natural, vegan flavors, each offering unique and nourishing properties. Take a moment to enjoy the unique texture and bring on raw chocolate and its benefits today.

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Sonia worked with us to design the layout of our shop.  Measuring, re-measuring, drawing and re-drawing until everything was laid out in the best possible way.


Void Digital

Void digital designed our site quickly and cost effectively.  They are a great partner for us as a small business.

Void Digital is a user-centered product strategy + design shop that helps companies of all sizes grow their business by identifying and solving their users' most important problems. We specialize in agile product management, user experience strategy, information architecture, and product design. We work with... * brand-new startups to help establish a product strategy and quickly get to MVP * fast-growing companies to find product-market fit, build out a formal product and design team, and create sustainable design processes * mid-size 'turnarounds' to refine their business strategy through user research and improve design methodologies * large-scale companies who need additional IA or UX design work on a short-term or part-time basis

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