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“New York: an exclusive gastronomic city break”

Coffee and a cosmopolitan start to the day

October 23, 2018 TRAVEL BY AIR FRANCE | This place is both a coffee shop and a bakery. You order an Australian espresso roasted in Brooklyn, along with an alfajor, a corn-based Argentinian biscuit filled with dulce de leche, a kind of caramel. What better way to wake up your taste buds in the morning?


2018 Time Out Love Awards - Runner Up

May 15, 2018 TIME OUT | Get a little taste of everything at this East Village café, thanks to its Australian-Argentinian roots, Italian Espresso methods and Brooklyn-roasted beans.



"28 Outstanding Coffee Shops in NYC"

May 18, 2018 EATER |Opened by an Australian and an Argentine, Southern Cross displays qualities from both equally strong coffee cultures, like a flat white and vegemite toast or yerba mate tea and empanadas. The goods come from Brooklyn — beans from Brooklyn Roasting Company and pastries from Colson Patisserie. There’s a smattering of seats inside the small shop that has free Wifi.



"Aussie Cafés in NYC – and where to find them! (Part III)"

October 25, 2017 AU Community |We want our readers to learn more about their Aussie owners, and what is unique about their businesses.   We spoke with Adam Sobol who with his partner Sergio D’Auria opened Southern Cross Coffee located at 300 E 5th Street between 2nd and 1st Avenues.




"Southern Cross Coffee Pays Tribute to Australian and Argentine Cultures"

Feb. 21, 2017 DNAINFO.COM | An Australian and an Argentine have opened a new coffee shop in the East Village that draws from the cafe cultures of their home countries.

Southern Cross Coffee, which officially opened its doors on Saturday at 300 E. Fifth St., is named for the famous constellation that guided travelers in the Southern Hemisphere before compasses were around, explained Argentine co-founder Sergio D'Auria, noting the cluster of stars is an important part of his culture as well as that of his Australian business partner Adam Sobol.


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