New Dulce De Leche croissant

In Spanish they're called "medialuna de dulce de leche". Our version is a twist on the Argentinian classic!  We use a traditional French butter croissant, slice it and slather a good dash of Dulce De Leche from Argentina.  A little sprinkle of powdered sugar adds some extra color.  And of course a drizzle of Dulce De Leche for a nice finished look.

Medialunas or "half moon" is the term for croissant in Spanish and they come in many varieties.  In Argentina they are typically smaller than the varieties in the US.  They are usually coated with a sweet sugar sauce on top.  We'll keep working to offer unique foods so keep an eye out for the new stuff!  Oh! And in the month of July you can get one of the sweet pastries for $1 with any espresso drink purchase.  The offer code is on our Instagram site @southerncrosscoffee.

Sergio D'Auria